Motion Melissa was born out of the idea that everybody can benefit so much from movement, but that every body moves so differently

No cookie cutter fitness program or foolproof diet plan exists that works wonders for all of us. There are specific movements, exercises, nutrition, and wellness practices that can help each individual achieve their optimal health. Through years of athletic, fitness, and wellness experience, I know just how to work closely with you to unlock your unique, ideal combination and Find Your Motion!

I offer customized personal training, barre, Pilates, yoga, meditation guidance, & wellness coaching for individuals, brides-to-be, duos, small groups, coprorate wellness programs, and special events.

My specialty is designing women's fusion fitness programs (think strength training, cardio, Pilates, yoga, & more!), that sculpt long, lean muscles in a safe and body-positive environment.

Ready to Find Your Motion? 
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xo, Melissa